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It Stings

July 09, 2020

So it didn’t go to plan. Everytime I sat down to work on TidyCloud last weekend I got distracted. Most notably, about 20 minutes into the main block I set aside on Sunday afternoon, just as I was getting into it. My wife came to my office to tell me our shower had blocked up and stopped working. There goes my afternoon and the last of my energy to write code. So it didn’t get done.

I also didn’t do this journal because it stung to not get it done and then the compounding of missing days made it sting expontially worse. But today I was determined to get the Eggbeater out. It was always supposed to be sent out on Wednesdays but for some reason I just never happened and it seemed like Thursday was going to be the day.

So I’m taking the win over the guilt and punishing myself of not getting TidyCloud done. And in fact, it’s two wins because here I am writing the journal.

Every action is momentum. Momentum forward or momentum backwards. It feels good to have some forward momentum today.

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