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Realizing my time

July 02, 2020

I know the time that I work best is first thing in the morning. Usually from 6-10am. My brain is the most capable of complex thinking and as such my best work almost always gets done at that time.

On the flip side I know that after 8:30pm I’m basically useless. My then I can hardly read the lines on the page of the book I’m reading let alone do anything with any great level of productivity.

I am realizing I need to be so careful not to put anything off after this point otherwise it just does not get done. Whether that’s doing the dishes or some work task. As someone who has A tendanctof procrastination I need to me extra careful to make sure what needs to get done is done by then and not think “oh I’ll just relax for a bit and do it before bed”. That is a falacy and it gets me in trouble more than I admit.

I’m writing this in bed after not doing share of the household chores and feeling deficient. I had plenty of time. I just chose instead to waste time on the internet avoiding the things I needed to do. It took me all my might to actually write this. And it’s on my phone and won’t get published today, eserially failing my writing goal already.

I need to be better and work in the time that works for me.

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