Cole Reid
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Software engineer by trade, I'm currently working as a product consultant, podcaster and newsletter curator. If I'm not at my computer i'm most likely riding a bike.


I am currently building two software products:

TidyCloud – A complete re-imagination of how to utilize your files stored in the cloud.

Made With Plans - A catalog of project plans for wood and metalworkers to find projects they can build with that are within their tools and skillsets.


I often have topics, ideas and questions that pop into my brain and use this Catch All to keep track of them.

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What I can help with

If you're thinking about or have started building a new web product, be it Software as a Service (Saas), mobile app, or web based product and not sure how to get it done, and are looking for an expert you should drop me a line.

I have a network of tallanted product managers, desginers, copywriters, marketing folks who I can bring together as needed to help get your product or app live and on a winning trajectory.

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